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The Art of Defending – Goodgame Empire Strategies Guide

The Art of Defending – Goodgame Empire Strategy Guide

Are you currently being bullied by a higher level player? Are you constantly being defeated when enemy players attack your castle? Are you tired of losing your entire defensive army even though your defenses outnumbered the aggressor? If this sounds like you, chances are that you have likely been setting up your defenses entirely the wrong way. In my last post, Goodgame Empire Top 14 tips, I explained my top 14 Goodgame Empire tips for success. Today I’ll be giving you a brief but slightly detailed walkthrough into the art of defending in Goodgame Empire!

Goodgame Empire Defenders Guide – The Art of Preparation

Now the first thing you must ask yourself, “Am I providing my units with the defensive support they need?” What I mean by this question is, “Are YOU creating adequate amounts of defensive tools? Are you pumping out flaming arrows, and reinforced gates each time you log on?” No matter if your defensive army is roughly the size of the attacking army or larger, tools play an essential part in the way the battle is calculated. Tools allow defensive units to be buffed and ready for the onslaught at hand. You want to maintain a high balance of these tools at all times. I myself, usually try to equip at least 20-25 defensive tools per slot at all times. You never know when things can get tight and you need to support your troops in battle. You could go to war at anytime and some tools , i.e. wooden spikes, take well over an hour to complete.

Quick tip: Get into the habit of creating tools each day prior to logging off. Quick tip: Unless you buy rubies, NEVER spend rubies on tools.

Once we get past the initial lack of tools, we can move into another area of importance.

Goodgame Empire Defenders Guide – Selecting Unit Type

For some of you this comes natural, you understand the difference between offensive and defensive units. However, there have been instances where I was attack by an army of Longbow and Halberdier. I felt sad for the poor guy army. Despite the inevitable defeat, he learned a valuable lesson that day, attack with offensive units and defend with defensive.units. Now keep in mind there are a few hibrate units used earlier in the game but for the most part, the default defensive units are as followed:

Goodgame empire help

  • Spearman
  • Bowman
  • Archers
  • Swordsman (Hiberate unit)
  • Halberdier
  • Longbowman

*I didn’t add any special type units to this guide

Quick tip: Unless you are early in the game, swordsman are really irrelevant as spearman have more defensive power than these units and macemen have more attack power. They are more so to be used when your in the in between stages of the game as they provide both offensive and defensive capabilities.


Goodgame studies tip: Which units are good at defending which type of units?

  • Spearman > melee
  • Bowman > range
  • Archers > both melee and range (Best defensive unit until lvl 4 barracks)
  • Swordsman > both melee and range
  • Halberdier > melee
  • Longbowman > range

Only these units should be used when defending.

Goodgame Empire helpGoodgame Empire Defenders Guide – The Magic Formula

There are multiple Goodgame Empire strategies available for defense setup and each defensive stance will be different but if you follow my steps, you will be able to quickly and efficiently rearrange your defenses as needed. What I will reveal now, if used properly, will almost guarantee a successful defensive stand unless you’re just tremendously outnumbered.

Flanks – the formula :  ( flank / total ) * 100 =

This formula is used to calculate the % of units on each side of the flank, left, right, and middle. You will have to calculate this for each individual flank. Once you are complete, these 3 numbers should equal 100 or close to it. This number will tell you exactly how many units percentage wise is needed to defend that part of your castle.

Unit type – the formula : ( unit type / flank unit count ) =

This formula is used to calculate the unit type, range or melee within each flank that is needed to defend the incoming attack. For instance, if you had 10 units attacking the middle flank and 7 were range, you would plug in [ 7 (for range) / 10 (total unit count) ] . With this example you would need 70% range defenders to stop the range in the middle flank.

These two formulas will help with all of the strategic battles with Goodgame Empire.

So you’ve followed all the steps above and you are still outnumbered, what now?

Try focusing on defending 2 flanks instead of the entire wall. If you can successfully defend two of the three flanks, you hinder the opponent from gaining a damage buff once in the courtyard.

I hope that the information I included here in this Goodgame Empire strategies guide become second nature in your quest to gain power in Goodgame Empire! Subscribe to my blog for updates to this information in the ever changing game of Goodgame Empire.